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Writing and Grammar

Pentecost Week 12 w.c. 13th July

Complete the memories activity, see the document below for this.

Spellings Fortune Teller

Use the Year 3 spellings for this!

Pentecost Week 11 w.c. 6th July

Please continue with the activities linked to the Fantastic Mr Fox extract.

If you have completed all of these activities, you can follow the link here to a Talk for Writing booklet which can be worked through. This is a great booklet, all about mythical creatures!


SPAG w.c. 6th July

Complete the prefix and suffix activities.

Pentecost week 10 w.c. June 29th 

The English that is attached, is all related to your reading this week. These activities will last you for 2 weeks. So take your time with them and please email us for any help. There is persuasive and diary writing for you to complete. I have also attached some key words that you can use in persuasive writing and an example of a letter. We can't wait to see your wonderful writing!

Persuasive Writing for Kids: What is It?

What is persuasive writing? What does it mean to persuade or convince someone of my opinion? Who can I persuade? How can I do it? Watch this video to find ou...

diary features

Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool...

Pentecost Week 9 w.c. 22nd June


This week we would like you to do some short-burst writing. Have a look at the document and the picture attached. You need to work through the activities and have a look at our suspense toolkit. This will be attached aswell. Enjoy doing your short-burst writing, we are sure they will be incredible!

Spelling w.c. 22nd June

Pentecost Week 8 w.c. 15th June

Complete the Talk for Writing Booklet. This one is all about creative writing and has lots of opportunities for you to be imaginative and show off your creativity!

To access the booklet, please use the link within the pdf. Happy writing!


Below you will also see some SPAG activities based on speech marks and using direct speech. Please complete these activities too!

Talk for Writing Booklet
Direct Speech Activities

Pentecost Week 7 w.c. 8th June

Complete the spelling activities. You can upload these onto Seesaw or email them to us.

Pentecost Week 7 w.c. June 8th

This week, you will be looking at persuasive writing. All the information you need is attached in the PDF. There is also an example, a boxing up grid (to help you plan) and the persuasion toolkit.

Pentecost Week 6 w.c. 1st June

Complete the next Talk for Writing booklet below.

We would love to see any writing you complete at home, just email or send it over Seesaw!

Grammar Activity w.c. 1st June

Have a go at these grammar questions, use the document about the present perfect tense to help with those questions.

Pentecost Week 5 (w.c.18th May)

This week, you will be re-visiting Instruction writing. Once you have written your instructions, you can upload them to Seesaw or email them to me and your friends. I'm sure we'd all love to try and follow them so make them as precise as you can!

The activity is below along with some resources to help you, like a boxing up grid and the map from 'How to get your wish granted' which we learned earlier in the year.

To hear the oral rehearsal of the map, please see Seesaw each day. 

Spelling Activity (w.c. 18th May)

Have a go at the spelling activity below. It focuses on five of our Y3 spellings.

Pentecost Week 4 (w.c. 11.05.20) 

This week, you will be letter writing. Please look at the document below to see the activity.


Spelling Activity Week 4


This week, you will be doing an activity based on homophones. 

Please see the two documents below. 


Pentecost Week 3 (w.c. 04.05.20) 

For writing this week, you have an activity to complete which is based around an image. 

Follow the steps in the document to create a short-burst paragraph which describes the character within the image. 

How many tools can you use in your paragraph?

Who do you think the character is? 


We look forward to reading your writing, be imaginative!

Pentecost Week 2 (27th April 2020)

Talk for Writing Booklet 2

The next Talk for Writing work booklet for your year group are ready can be found on the link below.

The people at Talk for Writing would like to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. As a school we have made a donation for using the booklets. If you would like to make a voluntary donation also the information is on the link. You will find the booklets below this information.

Pentecost Term - Week 1

We are a Talk for Writing school. Over this time, special Talk for Writing English booklets have been produced for each year group. This week we would like you to work through the booklet for your English home learning task. You can do a little bit each day. You will find the home learning booklet for your class here.


Please scroll down to find your year group booklet and press download.

Descriptive Writing Activity- Lent Term

Grammar Questions

Here are a selection of test-style Grammar questions to try. 

These will also be uploaded to Seesaw regularly so children can answer directly on there, so don't worry too much about printing them all off!

Literacy activities 


This is a great website for resources, games and videos.