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Writing and Grammar

Talk for Writing - Booklet 2

The next Talk for Writing work booklet for your year group are ready can be found on the link below.

The people at Talk for Writing would like to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. As a school we have made a donation for using the booklets. If you would like to make a voluntary donation also the information is on the link. You will find the booklets below this information.

Pentecost Term - Week 1

We are a Talk for Writing school. Over this time, special Talk for Writing English booklets have been produced for each year group. This week we would like you to work through the booklet for your English home learning task. You can do a little bit each day. You will find the home learning booklet for your class here.


Please scroll down to find your year group booklet and press download.Penet



The Alchemist's Letter Short Film

Short Burst Writing

Tuesday 21st April

Here is a wordsearch of words from different languages, even if you can't print it off, you can still try to find the words. When you have found the words, pick 5 that you are unsure of and find the definition and write a sentence containing that word.

Wednesday 1st April

The link below has some good resources for you to work through at your leisure!




Work through the Year 5/6 Relative Pronouns Powerpoint - remember to have regular breaks and get some fresh air!


Use the link below for short burst writing - try and make sure your handwriting is as neat as you possibly can.

Talk for Writing


Here is a link to a booklet that you can work through, all based on the Talk for Writing method: