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Week beginning 6th January

8th January - Challenge

8th January- Arctic Animals

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8th January - Maths Challenge

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Before you watch this video please have a listen to the songs below as they will help you with your learning challenge today. After you have listened to the songs, please watch the video above and then create images to show what each season is like. I have drawn pictures but you might want to paint or use different materials that you've got at home. Be as creative as you can and think carefully about what you would see, what activities you would do and what type of clothes you would wear during that season.

Well done for all of your amazing work so far - keep it up and remember to keep sharing it on Tapestry!

Months of the Year Song

Seasons Song

7th January - Odd Dog Out

7th January - Joybob The Polar Bear - Yoga

7th January - Maths Challenge

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Today I would like you to listen to the 'Days of the Week' song on YouTube. The link is below. After listening to the song, please watch the video I have uploaded to see what your learning challenges are.

For your home learning challenge today, I'd like you to cut and stick the days of the week in the correct order. A grown up could help you to write them down and you might be able to copy their example. After you have done that, please think of some activities that you would do during the night and the day and have a go at drawing and labelling them.

Please remember to upload all of your fantastic work onto Tapestry. We can't wait to see it!

Days of the Week Song

6th January - The Epiphany of the Lord

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6th January - Elmer in the Snow