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Topic and Science

We will be putting a range of science and topic activities here for you to have a do at home. Remember you can use your home learning exercise book to record any work that you do.

History Topic Work

Look at the documents as they are added. Can you complete the History challenges?

Pentecost Term 2 Week 7


This week, can you research what Tudor schools would have been like for children? 


Please find the different websites attached to help your research. 


Once you have found out enough, complete the Tudor school sheet to show us what you know! 


Have fun! :) 

Pentecost Term 2 Week 6


What did Tudor children wear?


Have a look at the different portraits of Tudor children in the first powerpoint.

Can you compare their clothing to what you wear today? What is different? What is similar?


Watch the video on the powerpoint to understand their clothing more.


Look at the second powerpoint to find out what the different clothing items are called.

Pentecost Term 2 Week 5

This week we'd like you to find out about all the delicious (or maybe not so delicious) foods the Tudors used to eat! 

Below you will find a powerpoint to help you learn more about their diet. Please also find the activity sheet that you need to complete. 

We are looking forward to seeing what you find out on Seesaw or email! :)



Pentecost Term 2 Week 4

Read the information about Tudor houses. Then compare them to modern houses and write a paragraph identifying the similarities and differences.

Pentecost Term 2 Week 3

Tudor history timeline – Put these key dates in the Tudor history time line in order.

History Pentecost 2 Week 2

Please research Henry VIII’s wives and complete the table. You can record any extra information or any other interesting facts in your exercise book.

History Pentecost 2 Week 1

This half term we will learning about the Tudors. In this first activity read the Tudor Kings and Queens clue booklet. Then try to complete the monarch matching activity.

Science Challenges

Below are different Science activities. How many can you complete at home?

Science Pentecost Term Week 7


How do we see?


Watch the video and read the facts about how we use light to see.


Your challenge is to create a leaflet to explain how we use light to see through our eyes.

You can use pictures, fun facts, information boxes and lots more! 


We're looking forward to seeing your creativity and amazing facts!

Science Pentecost 2 Week 6

How are rainbows formed? 


Ever fancied creating your own rainbow? Ever wondered how they are formed?! Let's find out! 


Complete the experiment which you can find on the PDF file. 


Make sure you take a photo or draw how you did the experiment. Remember to label the diagram.

We're looking forward to seeing what you have done on Seesaw!



How Is A Rainbow Formed | The Dr. Binocs Show | Learn Videos For Kids

Science Pentecost 2 Week 5


What does opaque, translucent and transparent mean? 

Research the meanings of these words. 


Can you create a collage of opaque, transparent and translucent objects? Use magazine or your own pictures to show the difference between the 3 words! 


Have fun! :) 

Science Pentecost 2 Week 4

Think about what you learnt last week. Can you create a ‘True or False’ light source quiz for your family?


With someone in your house, create a course and guide each other around the course blindfolded. Then do it without the blindfold. Why is it easier to do it when you can see the light?

Science Pentecost 2 Week 3

Why is the moon NOT a light source? Research the moon and explain why it is NOT a light source? What makes it shine?


Why is a window NOT a light source? Research why it is NOT a light source. How does the light get through the window?


Remember to share what you have found out with us by email or on Seesaw.

Science Pentecost 2 Week 2

This half term we will learning about the Light. In this first activity have a go at creating shadows. Sit in front of a light to create a shadow of your face in profile. Ask a family member to draw around your silhouette. Then swap over to do it to them.

Walking Horse – Science Activity -Lent Term

Can you make a paper horse that walks on its own? This website shows you how? I’d love to see how many people manage it!

Send me a video of your walking horse if you can do it! Good luck!

Art Activities

Below will be a series of Art challenges. How many can you complete?

Art/DT Pentecost Term Week 7


From your learning about Tudor food, we challenge you to create your own simple Tudor feast. 


Look back at the work you did on Tudor Food to find out what sort of foods they would have at a Tudor feast. 


You can choose a rich Tudor feast or a poor Tudor feast!


Remember to take photos of your delicious meal and put it on Seesaw or email it to us!


Have fun! 



Pentecost term.Week 6


Design your own Tudor outfit!


This week can you design you very own Tudor outfit? 

In History this week you are learning about what Tudor children wore. Using your new learning and knowledge, we would like to set you the challenge of designing your own Tudor costume. This needs to be drawn on an A4 piece of paper. Please think about the different garments and accessories that they wore. Remember to label your outfit and add colour! 



We are looking forward to seeing what you create! 

Art – 29.06.20

Can you use your portrait drawing skills to complete the portrait of Henry VIII?

Art/DT Pentecost 2 Week 4

Have a go at designing and creating your own Tudor house. Look at the examples to help you. 

Art Pentecost 2 Week 2

Have a go at decorating the Tudor Rose. Can you find out more about the Tudor Rose? Could you have a go at drawing your own?  There are some ideas below.

Art Pentecost 2 Week 1

The famous images we have of the Tudor kings and queens all come from the portraits painted of them. This week follow the steps below to learn how to create a portrait. Try drawing someone you know using these steps.


This website has some French lessons and resources that you could explore at home.