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Science and Topic

Pentecost Week 12 w.c. 13th July

Memories Artwork!

Pentecost Week 11 w.c. July 6th 

This week we would like you to re-populate your own island, with animals. All the information is attached to the document. We can't wait to see your Science work! 

Pentecost Week 11 w.c. 6th July

This week, we will be going back to our topic of 1066 which we began when we started looking at William the Conqueror.

First, read all about the Battle of Hastings. Then find out about the three types of castle and compare them.

Pentecost Week 10 w.c. 29th June

This week we would like you to try some DT. You are going to design a device that links to the reading you will do this week (Fantastic Mr Fox). All of the information is linked below. On the design sheet, please complete the 2nd sheet. Have fun with this!

Pentecost Week 9 w.c. June 22nd 

This week, we would like you to have fun with some art. As you know it is offically summertime and you have been planting plants for your Science project. So, we would like you to pick a plant/flower and do some sketching. I have attached a video, that talks about what is important to do when you are sketching. We can't wait to see your masterpieces. Please upload them onto Seesaw or email them to us. Enjoy!


How to sketch Wildflowers and Plants

Techniques for sketching wildflowers and plants in a field journal. Instructional Video produced by Oregon State University, 2009

Science Experiments w.c. 22nd June

Have a go at some or all of these experiments at home using foil. We'd love to see photographs or explanations of your findings!

Pentecost Week 8 w.c. June 15th

This week for History, you will be recaping the Stone Age. Read the attached document and you can send us your work through an email or upload it onto Seesaw. 

Pentecost Week 7 w.c. 8th June

Please continue with your Science project this week, have your seeds grown? Don't forget to record your findings. 


Also, linking to your Science, this week you have a Geography activity to complete. You need to research the different types of plants that grow in two different places and think carefully about why this might be. 

Pentecost Week 6 w.c. June 1st


This term we have planned a Science project for you to complete. All the information about the project is attached in the document. The activities are also on there to be completed. You can do this on your tablet/laptop or copy the activities onto some paper at home. You can then email them us or put them onto Seesaw. If there are any problems, please feel free to email us. We can't wait to see what you produce!

Learning About Line Graphs

Learn more about our K-2nd grade science curriculum at Graphing and data collection are important parts of scient...

Pentecost Term (Week 5)



This week for Science, you are going to be learning about flowers and labelling one yourself. The first thing to do, is to follow the link and watch the video 'The anatomy of a flower'. This is video number 3 on the website. Then, I have attached a blank flower, for you to label with the different parts. You can do your own research and use the video, to help you. You can then put this onto Seesaw or email it to us. 

Pentecost Term (Week 4)



This week, for Geography, could you please create a poster about all the things you can remember about rivers. This can include the famous ones we researched, you can label a river, look at where they start and end and any interesting facts about rivers. You can post this onto Seesaw or email them to us. We can't wait to see your amazing poster creations! 

Pentecost Term (Week 3)



For this weeks Science, it would be amazing for you to have a go at this experiment. All you need is some cardboard (you could reuse this from your recycling), some tape, a bowl of water and something heavy to test how well it can float. There is a video that goes with this too. You can post your findings onto Seesaw or email them to us. 


If you do not have these resources, no need to worry! It would be great to see if you can come up with your own experiment. We can't wait to see your findings!

Educational Activities for Kids: Cardboard Boat

Are you ready to take on a fun STEM challenge? Using simple household materials, we want you to design and build a boat that floats, even with a weight on bo...

Pentecost Term (Week 2)



Your task for this week, is to do some research about William Conqueror. You can create a fact file, sheet with information about him, however you like. You can upload this onto Seesaw or email it to us. We can't wait to see them!


Pentecost term (Week 1) 



Can you create a leaflet about what plants need in order to survive? You can research this online, ask a friend or a family member. Remember that BBC bitesize and YouTube are great places, to watch videos about this. You can always upload the leaflets to Seesaw or send us them via email. 

Pentecost Term (Week 1)



For Geography this week, could you research some famous mountains from around the world? Then, choose one and create a fact file all about it! This may include: where it is, the name, the height, what the climate is like and are there any people/animals that live on or around the mountain. Upload them onto Seesaw or send them us by email. We are really looking forward to reading them!


Science Home Learning Activities


This website has some French lessons and resources that you could explore at home. 

Here is a Geography activity you can complete at home. Can you create your own island by adding key human and physical features? You might want to do some research to help you, think back to when we researched Jersey and the Shetland Islands.

History Activity- Lent Term

Label this Stone Age house. Think back to our learning, from last topic week. You can research houses, if this helps you.