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School Logo

St Joseph's Catholic Voluntary Academy

Hand in hand...with God we learn

School Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.


Mission Statement


We are proud of our school as a place of learning, prayer and happiness.  Hand in hand with God, Our Lady and St Joseph, we promise to work hard and be kind to one another so that we can grow stronger together in our faith.



By the children, staff, parents and governors.




  1. Love – nurturing and encouraging a sense of family.
  2. Christian values – to be at the heart of school life leading to a strong Catholic ethos, faith and spirituality.
  3. Morality – leading to mutual respect.
  4. Safety and Security – all children feeling happy and safe.
  5. Respect for self and others.
  6. Equality – diversity is valued and every child has an equal chance.  Every child matters.
  7. Trust – built on honesty and forgiveness.
  8. Fulfilment – helping everyone to reach their goals and achieving a sense that if it is worth doing, do it well.
  9. Justice – fostering a sense of responsibility and fairness.
  10. Care of creation – encouraging sustainability and valuing of life.


The staff will: 


  • Enable children to be active participants in their own learning and become life-long learners
  • Encourage the children to learn the values of honesty and respect
  • Be approachable and be good mentors for all children, being sensitive to their needs as individuals
  • Lead by example providing positive role models
  • Respect each child’s individuality and mould their teaching appropriately (personalised learning)
  • Have regard for all of the different cultures and abilities of the children
  • Enjoy being part of the school community and feel appreciated for their hard work
  • Deliver a high level and consistent quality of teaching
  • Create a nurturing environment which will encourage learning
  • Develop skills to meet the changing needs of society
  • Embrace the message of Every Child Matters
  • Develop the whole child


The children will:


  • Have fun and enjoy learning whilst  achieving the necessary skills in order to meet the world head on
  • Gain lifelong skills through a high standard of learning
  • Be enthusiastic about learning and eager to attend school; develop a thirst for knowledge
  • Have a sense of justice and understand their responsibility as good citizens. Be able to make good choices
  • Recognise God’s love for them
  • Be able to understand their role and responsibility in the community
  • Have a desire to make a positive contribution to society
  • Have a sense of justice and understand their responsibility as good citizens. Be able to make good choices
  • Recognise God’s love for them
  • Be happy and confident – respect and support others and be respected by every member of the community
  • Understand how they learn and have the desire and skills to pursue their own development throughout their lives and want to give something back to the world
  • Be able to make good choices
  • Learn about the world around them and how to live and celebrate each others differences
  • Have fun




 Help the children to:


  • become self-directed life-long learners, through the school acting as a learning role model
  • develop good moral and social values and spirituality
  • learn how to make good choices
  • understand and respect their own culture as well as that of others
  • develop a healthy self-esteem/self-worth , confidence and independence .
  • develop knowledge and understanding of the world
  • recognise that they have a valuable place in society
  • have a living faith


School will:


  • Work in close partnership with the school’s community
  • Provide consistently high quality teaching
  • Provide an exciting, innovative and positive learning environment
  • Challenge each child to attain their highest possible standards
  • Support parents in helping their children to learn
  • Develop a thirst for learning and for each child to reach their potential in all subject areas.
  • Ensure that the children are ICT-literate and can use it as a learning tool
  • Instill a sense of fairness




What our school will be like in three years from now 

The school will:


  • Continue to provide a safe, happy, caring environment where the children feel valued and enabled to learn
  • Promote each child’s identity and self-worth
  • Promote the development of each child spiritually, morally and emotionally
  • Grow in its development as a ‘family’ encouraging and nurturing its children
  • Provide an exciting learning environment
  • Have a well-maintained building fit for purpose
  • Be a shining example of how Catholic Values can be shared with others
  • Provide the children with the highest possible standard of education and life-skills
  • Welcome the wider community to share resources, expertise, fellowship and facilities
  • Recognise and meet the diverse needs of children and their families


The parents will: 


  • Understand what they need to do to support their children to get the most from their schooling; Be more informed about what and how their children learn and how best to help them develop
  • Work in partnership with the staff and children in order for them to grow into well-educated, caring and responsible people
  • Have access to opportunities for lifelong learning, e.g. ICT, language courses, NVQ childcare
  • Be proud of their children’s achievements and contribute in diverse ways to the Catholic ethos
  • Encourage and help their children to learn not just at school but at home and within their community
  • Continue to support the school in its message of faith


The community will:

  • Be welcomed regardless of race, religion, social standing, sexuality and disability
  • Be valued as an important resource and a vital part of the school.
  • Help provide the children with opportunities to develop knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Be more involved in the school’s activities
  • Be willing to involve themselves in the welfare and upbringing of children



School Prayer


This is our school,

Let peace dwell here.

Let each room be full of contentment,

Love of God, love of one another

And love of life itself.