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St Joseph's Catholic Voluntary Academy

Hand in hand...with God we learn


WB 05.07.21

Children will learn that:

  • Medicines are drugs, but not all drugs are good for us.
  • Alcohol and tobacco are harmful substances.
  • Our bodies are created by God and we need to take care of them and becareful about what we consume.
WB 21.06.21

In this weeks RSE, the children will learn;

  • To know that they are entitled to bodily privacy;
  • That there are different people we can trust for help, especially those closest to us who care for us, including our parents or carers, teachers and our parish priest.

WB: 14.6.21

Children will know:

• The difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ secrets and that they can and should be open with ‘special people’ they trust if anything troubles them

• How to resist pressure when feeling unsafe

WB 7.06.21

In this weeks RSE, the children will learn;

  • To understand safe and unsafe situations, including online.
WB 24.05.21

In this weeks RSE, the children will learn;

  • To recognise when they have been unkind and say sorry;
  • To recognise when people are being unkind to them and others and how to respond;
  • To know that when we are unkind to others, we hurt God also and should say sorry to him as well;
  • To know that we should forgive like Jesus forgives.


WB 17.5.21

In this week's RSE, the children will learn:

  • How their behaviour affects other people, and that there is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.
  • The characteristics of positive and negative relationships.
  • Different types of teasing and that all bullying is wrong and unacceptable. 

WB 10/5/21

In this week's RSE, the children will know that:

  • To identify ‘special people’ (their parents, carers, friends, parish priest) and what makes them special;
  • The importance of nuclear and wider family;
  • The importance of being close to and trusting special people and telling them if something is troubling them.




WB 4/5/21

In this week's RSE, the children will know that:

  • We are part of God’s family;
  • Saying sorry is important and can mend friendships;
  • Jesus cared for others and had expectations of them and how they should act;
  • We should love other people in the same way God loves us.



WB 26/4/21

In this week's RSE, the children will know that:

  • We are created individually by God
  • God wants us to talk to Him often through the day and treat Him as our best friend
  • God has created us, His children, to know, love and serve Him in this life and forever – this is our purpose and goal and will bring us true happiness
  • We are created as a unity of body, mind and spirit: who we are matters and what we do matters
  • We can give thanks to God in different ways