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St Joseph's Catholic Voluntary Academy

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Week 4. Module 1 Lesson 3: What is Puberty?

In this session, children will develop a base-level understanding of what puberty is and get a grasp on some of the terminology related to puberty, such as genitalia.

This session is used to prepare the children for a session which will follow called “Changing Bodies”. This will look specifically at some of the changes that boys and girls will face when they enter puberty.

Children should come out of this session knowing that puberty is part of God’s plan for our bodies and that they can embrace the changes with confidence.

Children will:

  • Learn what the term puberty means;
  • Learn when they can expect puberty to take place;
  • Understand that puberty is part of God’s plan for our bodies.

Week 3 RSE Module 1: Session 2

Respecting our Bodies 

  • In this session, we explore the importance of respecting our bodies as a gift from God in very practical ways, such as clothing, food and physical exercise.
  • We will explore problems and solutions through roleplay and discussion.
  • Children will reflect on their bodies as a gift from God that He wants us to look after and respect.

Week Two RSE Module 1: Unit 2

We don’t have to be the same

This week Y4 are learning all about similarities and differences between people.

  • We learn that similarities and differences between people arise as they grow and make choices, and that by living and working together (‘teamwork’) we create community;
  • We will learn that self-confidence arises from being loved by God.
  • We will reflect on God’s love as the foundation of our self-confidence.

Week One: Story Sessions: Get Up! 


This week Y4 have started their RSE lessons listening and engaging with the story of Jairus and his daughter. We have listened to the story of Jairus and had the opportunity to talk to our partners about how we would have felt in that situation. 


  • We know we are created individually by God. He made us in his image and loves us deeply.
  • We know that God made us out of His love. When he created us he gave us the desire to be loved and to love others. That loves makes a difference in the world.
  • We know that each of us has a special purpose in the world
  • We know that every human life is precious.
  • At the end of each lesson we have prayed to God, thanking him for his gift of love.