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St Joseph's Catholic Voluntary Academy

Hand in hand...with God we learn


WB 17/5/21

  • To recognise that images in the media do not always reflect reality and can affect how people feel about themselves
  • That thankfulness builds resilience against feelings of envy, inadequacy, etc. and against pressure from peers or media


WB 11/5/21

This week, pupils will learn:

  • That human beings are different to other animals;
  • About the unique growth and development of humans, and the changes that girls and boys will experience during puberty;
  • About the need to respect their bodies as a gift from God to be looked after well, and treated appropriately;
  • The need for modesty and appropriate boundaries.
  • How to make good choices that have an impact on their health: rest and sleep, exercise, personal hygiene, avoiding the overuse of electronic entertainment, etc.

WB 3/5/21

This week, children will learn about: 

  • Similarities and differences between people arise as they grow and mature, and that by living and working together (‘teamwork’) we create community;
  • Self-confidence arises from being loved by God (not status, etc).

WB 26/4/21

In this week's RSE, the children will know that:

• We were created individually by God who cares for us and wants us to put our faith in Him.

• Physically becoming an adult is a natural phase of life.

• Lots of changes will happen during puberty and sometimes it might feel confusing, but it is all part of God’s great plan and the results will be worth it!