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29.6.20 Year 2 God's Rules for People

22.6.20 Romans 8 22-28


Look at the images and text below.  Then, answer the questions and have a go at the activity.  Remember to send your completed work to Mrs Sheath or Mr Turner by email or on Seesaw.




  • How can we help each other do what is right?
  • Name some of the people you think pass on the Good News in their lives? 
  • If we act as God wants us to, what would the world be like? Why?



Decorate letters to make a banner. Go and tell everyone the Good News! Use red, the Pentecost colour.

Romans 8 22-28

15.6.2020       Thessalonians


Look at the images and text below.  Then, answer the questions and have a go at the activity.  Remember to send your completed work to Mrs Sheath or Mr Turner by email or on Seesaw.



  • What has Jesus promised?
  • What might the Holy Spirit do for people? 
  • What is the Good News that we are asked to pass on?
  • Why does St Paul tell us not to be sad?




Design a card that could bring comfort to someone whose loved one has died.  

W/C 8th June - Pentecost

Look at the text and pictures below, and answer these questions:


  • How did the friends feel after Jesus had gone back to his Father?
  • Have you ever felt like this?
  • What happened on Pentecost day?
  • What did the friends do?
  • How do you think they felt then?
  • How did they make other people feel?
  • How might we spread the word about the Good News of Jesus’ love?

W/C June 8th - Pentecost

June 1st  RE - Luke 24: 48-52


Read the text from Luke 24 below.  Then answer these questions:


  • Can you remember what was promised to the disciples?
  • How do you think the disciples felt when Jesus blessed them?
  • How do you think they felt when Jesus was taken from them?
  • Where was Jesus going?

Luke 24: 48-52

Week 7 - Text based on Gospel according to John

Week 7 - Read the text based on the Gospel according to John and answer the following questions:


  • Who did Jesus return to?
  • What did He promise to do for His friends?
  • What was the new friend called?
  • Can you name some of the ways the Holy Spirit helped the friends of Jesus? 
  • How do you think Jesus’ friends felt when he gave them the news of the Holy Spirit?
  • How do you think the Holy Spirit helps us?

Week 6 - RE Topic - Spread the Word


Look at the images and text below from the Gospel according to Luke. Then answer these questions:


  • How do you think the women were feeling?
  • What was the message the men gave to the women?
  • What had Jesus told them to remember? Discuss the words used.
  • How do you think the eleven disciples felt when they heard the news from the women?

Luke 24_1-9

Week 5 - Today is the feast day of St. Joseph The Worker. Please complete the St. Joseph activities below.

Week 5 - “We are an Easter People!”


Become a ‘Missionary Disciple’ in Eastertide.


[Easter Sunday to Pentecost]


Take the Challenge!

1. Read a Bible story every weekend or ask a grown up to read one to you.

2. Tell your favourite Bible story to a friend, sibling or other family member.

3. Ask someone to share with you a Bible or religious story that is special to them.

4. Make a poster about Jesus and put it on your bedroom window so people can see it.

5. Learn the names of Jesus’ Twelve Disciples. Who is your favourite disciple and why?

6. When you meet someone who is feeling sad, tell them you will say a prayer for them – and remember to do it!

7. Find a new charity to help who needs our help right now and what can we do to help them?

8. If you don’t usually go to Church, ask your parent/carer if they will go to virtual church on Sunday. There are lots of places you can join in with weekly Mass online, see the links below.

9. Look for an opportunity every day to do an act of kindness for someone.

10. Be joyful – Jesus loves you!

Week 4 - This week’s theme is Faith.


Having faith can be tough. It means believing in something that you cannot know for certain and in a world where there is almost an answer for everything, this can be difficult. Have a think about your faith and what you believe in. What makes it hard to believe in God? Asking questions is a really important part of growing in faith. This week make some time to ask questions of the people around you – ask them why they believe what they do and through this try and understand your own faith a little bit more.

NDCYS, the Nottingham Diocese Youth Service, have lots of great RE ideas. Please take a look.

Our Catholic Life


Please look at the 'Our Catholic Life' section of the website which can be found on the 'Our School' tab.


There is new content being added each day by Miss Fitzpatrick so please take a look.  The prayer for today is, 'Calm my Fears'. You could share this prayer with your family, write your favourite words and phrases before decorating them in your home learning books.


Calm My Fears 
Eternal Father, you know my past, present and future, nothing is unknown to you.

When I worry about what is ahead of me, please calm my fears with the knowledge that you go before me.

I will never be alone because you will always be with me.

You have promised that you will not fail me or forsake me and you are faithful to keep all your promises.

Take away my fear and replace it with faith in your unending love.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Week 2 - Palm Sunday

Week 1 Each Day Offers Opportunities For Good