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Pentecost Week 12 w.c. 13th July

Final lesson of our Choices topic. We are focusing on answering our big question- "Is it okay to make bad choices?"

Please create a double page spread showing your learning throughout this topic, including scripture, prayers and other key learning about choices. 

See the document for examples from our other topics.

Pentecost Week 11 w.c. 6th July 

Choices- How can we show our gratitude to God?

This week, we learn all about how we can show God we are grateful for his forgiveness and compassion.

Pentecost Week 10 w.c. 29th June

Choices- What happens when we make bad choices?

This week, we focus on forgiveness through listening to the story of the Prodigal Son.

Pentecost Week 9 w.c. 22nd June

Choices-  How can reconciliation help us to make good choices?

This week is all about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Can you describe and give reasons for what happens during this Sacrament?

Pentecost Week 8 w.c. 15th June

Choices- How can our conscience help us to make good choices?

Please see the activity below. This week we are focusing on how we can make good choices and what helps us to do this.

Pentecost Week 7 w.c. 8th June 

Please see the activity below. This week you will be considering different choices and which choice you agree with from the Scripture. 

Remember to look back to your knowledge organiser to familiarise yourself with the vocabulary and to use it to help you. 


Pentecost Term Week 6 w.c. 1st June

This week, you will finish your Energy topic and move onto Choices. 

Please make sure you have read your Knowledge Organiser carefully. 

The Ascension of Jesus-Thursday 21st May

This year, the feast of Jesus' Ascension falls on Thursday 21st May. Read about this special piece of Scripture than have a go at the activities. 


The end of this video also shows Jesus' Ascension to help you to understand and to remind you of what happened.


Pentecost Week 5- w.c. 18th May 

How are we energised by the Holy Spirit? 


This week, you will be thinking about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they energise us.

On Thursday, there will also be an activity on Seesaw as it is the celebration of Jesus' ascension. 

Pentecost Week 4 (w.c. 11.05.20)

Energy- How does the Church celebrate Pentecost?

This week's focus is all about how the church celebrates Pentecost.

By the end of this learning, you should have a church which is full of descriptive words and phrases. 

If you can't print off the image, draw your own outline!


Don't forget the challenge too, we know you all love a challenge in Year 3! 

1st May – Feast of St Joseph the Worker

Today we celebrate our school patron. We would love you and your family to spend sometime today or in the following week reflecting on St Joseph and thinking of ways we can follow his example. Look at the information below. When you have completed the prayer and the pledge please share them with your class teacher.

Pentecost Term Week 3 (W.B. 03.05.20)

Along with the St Joseph the Worker activity, you have an activity to complete which is based on Pentecost. 

For this learning focus, you will be retelling the story of Pentecost by creating a comic strip.

There is an example of a comic strip within the document below and a template which you can download or you could create your own using a ruler in your home learning book. 


As always, we would love to see anything you create!


Pentecost Term- Week 2 (W.B. 27/04/20)

For RE this week, you will be exploring our new topic of Energy and considering how the disciples would have felt when Jesus ascended into heaven.

Below, you will find your tasks along with the knowledge organiser for you to read at home.



Pentecost Term- Week 1

St George's Day- Thursday 23rd April 2020


This Thursday is St George's Day. For your RE activity this week, we would like you to find out about St George and why he is important to us in our country. There is a clip below to get you started with your research. 

Once you have done this, your activity is to write key words or phrases to describe how St George lived out the Catholic faith on a St George's flag. For example- kindness or loyalty might be important key words. You can either print the flag off from below, add them directly onto SeeSaw on Thursday or draw your own flag out using a ruler. 

St George Flag

Extra information about St George (and some questions to answer!)

RE Activity- Lent Term

Bishop Patrick has a YouTube channel please subscribe he way will be posting videos daily


 NDCYS, the Nottingham Diocese Youth Service, have lots of great RE ideas. Please take a look.