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Pentecost Week 12 w.c. 13th July

Complete these dance activities to get fit and also to celebrate the end of year 3!


Pentecost Week 11 w.c. July 6th 

For PE follow this link for a cricket themed lesson which develops your throwing and catching skills. You will need a tennis ball or other small ball to do this lesson.


Why not use BBC supermovers or Les Mills Born to Move as an extra warm up?

Platform PE - PE with Mr Ford Week 1

It is Cricket Season so here is a quick 15 minute PE lesson with Mr Ford that you can join in with at home. Equipment required - - 1 small ball (tennis ball)...

Pentecost Week 9 w.c. 22nd June

Can you complete all of the fitness challenges? Why not challenge someone at home to a competition!

Pentecost (Week 8)

This week your activity is all about coordination. Try using households items and ask someone at home to do this with you. 

#ThisIsPE - Coordination with ball skills Darren Huart has six years experience as a PE teacher, and today he talks you through games for coordination with ball skills.

Pentecost (Week 7)

This week, your activity is to create an obstacle course!

Pentecost (Week 6)

Can you complete this challenge and design your own playground game?

Pentecost (Week 5)


For this weeks P.E please carry on with you May challenges. Also, we want you to practice your throwing accuracy this week. If you can find a few different sized tubs and throw a bean bag, ball or another similar object, into it. You can move further back as you go on or play it as a game with your family. See how far back you can get and which tubs you are able to throw the object into. Let us know how you get on!

Pentecost (Week 4)


This week, we would like you to continue with your May challenges. You can always post them to us on Seesaw or email us, to tell us about the challenges you have done. In addition to this, you could have a go at some yoga, on your own or with someone you live with. Follow the link to the video, if you would like to do this. 

Yoga for Kids!

Follow along as Sophia Khan leads a fun and family-friendly introduction to yoga. You'll get to warm up, practice breathing and poses, and relax into a power...

Joe Wicks

Everyday, Joe Wicks will be doing a live workout, in the morning. Both children and the family can take part in this. A great way to start the morning! Click the link and this will take you to his page.