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Message from Mrs Churchill

Dear Families of St. Joseph’s

This is such a difficult time for all and emotions must be running high for you and your little ones. With such a difficult, yet invisible situation it is hard for children to understand why we must all stay away from each other.

This is a necessary sacrifice, so that when we get the chance to be together again, we will all be back together.

I cannot tell you how strange it is in school. As we care for the children of key workers it helps us to see first-hand the sacrifice that our amazing key workers are making. There are so many of you in our school community doing an incredible job to keep things going, keep us all safe and try to educate your children at home. Going out to work each day must be terrifying and we thank them all with every ounce of strength that we have.

Staff members come in every day, smiling and doing whatever they can to deliver a positive day, putting their own worries to one side. I look forward to the day that I can stand on the church path in the morning and watch the long lines of children coming in to school.

Please remember that we are a family and even though we cannot see you all face to face, we are still here. If you need us, there may be a way that we can help. Advice that we can give or a friendly ear to listen to your concerns.

Do not go through this alone. I know that this situation, however difficult, will help us all to appreciate each other more in the future.

We miss you.

I don’t think that I have ever appreciated how busy our school is and how much I love it, until this time of quiet.

God Bless

Mrs Churchill