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Information About Home Learning

Home Learning Guidance

Doing work at home is a lot different to being at school. Whilst you are at home you must complete your work in a way that is best for you and your family. Your parents might be busy working themselves so you will hopefully be able to complete many of the task by yourself.

Here is a suggestion for the work you might do each day:




Physical Activity


White Rose is the maths scheme we follow in school. They do a lesson a day. Please watch the video as it will explain how to do the work. Once you have done this you can complete the activity sheet. Lessons for this term are now on there but if you have missed any the older lessons have been kept there too. This will keep your learning up to date so please have a go.


Other Maths activities:

TTrockstars – Can you become a hero at home?


See our Learning Tab


We have uploaded a Talk for Writing Home learning booklet. Do an activity from it each day over the week.


Other English Activities:

Host a daily English Session from 9.30 – 10.30 with lots of fun reading and writing activities.

Login and read two activities


Spend time reading a good book. Can you read 2 chapters a day? Tell your teachers what you are reading. Check the reading review tab for books to read. Write a book review and send it to us so we can add them to this tab.



Do something that gets you moving every day.


Joe Wicks does an exercise video at 9 am every morning




Go for a walk, run, bike ride, scooter with someone from your family around your local area.



If you have a garden get out in it and make up your own PE lesson!

We have put activities for other lessons in the topic and RE tabs.


Choose one other activity to do each day.


Eg RE Monday, Science Tuesday, Art Wednesday,

History Thursday, Geography Friday.


This is a suggestion as to how your home learning day may look. Remember there is lots online to help with home learning. I know lots of you have been doing other work in books that your parents might have bought or that is interesting for you which is also good. Please do what you can.

We will add some other bits onto SeeSaw to keep you busy too.

Weekly Activity Checklist – 29.06.20

  • Daily White Rose Maths lesson
  • TTRockstars
  • Read Theory
  • English T4W booklet – Goblinology a little bit each day
  • Topic – Tudor Food
  • Science – Translucent, Opaque, Transparent
  • Art – Complete to portrait of HenryVIII?

Weekly Activity Checklist – 22.6.20

  • Maths Daily White Rose lesson, TT rockstars
  • English Daily lesson see year 4 page
  • Reading Read Theory, read a book for your choice
  • RE watch video about reconciliation, write why you think it is an important sacrament.
  • History – Tudor House activity

Activity Checklist – 15th June 2020

English – Begin new Talk for Writing booklet complete a bit each day.

Continue hand writing and spelling practise using the sheets on the page.

Reading – Read Theory at least 2 activities, write a booklet review or make a video review on the most recent book you have read.

Maths – Daily White Rose lesson, TTRockstars

RE – Saying sorry activity

History – Tudor Timeline activity

Weekly Checklist – 8.6.20

Maths – White Rose Daily Lessons, TTRockstars

English – Continue with the Talk for Writing Booklet

Reading – Read Theory, Henry VIII Reading Comprehension on the Y4 page

RE – Building Bridges Activity

History – Henry VIII and his wives

Science - Food Chains

Art – Draw a Tudor Rose

Activity Checklist – Pentecost Term 2 Week 1 – 1.6.20

Maths – Daily White Rose activity, TT Rockstars

English – New Talk for Writing booklet

RE – Lost Sheep Activity

Topic History – Tudor Kings and Queens reading and activity

Art – Portrait Drawing Activity

Science – Bite size science activity.

Activity Checklist Week 18.5.20

Maths – Daily White Rose Maths lesson sheets, Daily TT Rockstars

English – Daily English activity – See the writing tab for sheets

Reading – Daily Reading – Read theory and home reading book.

RE – Booklets about St Paul and his journey (see RE Tab)

Science – List things that use electricity in your house. Sort into groups, mains, solar, battery power.

Topic – Physical features of America (see Topic tab)

Activity Checklist Pentecost Week 4

  • English Daily Task – see writing tab
  • Reading - Daily reading 20 mins a book or Readtheory
  • Maths Daily – White Rose Video then bitesize activity
  • RE – Mary day photo and prayer, St Paul matching activity.
  • Science – Conductors and Insulators
  • Topic – Geography – American landmark information poster
  • Art – Imitation art activity.

Home Learning Activity Checklist - Pentecost Week 3

English – Complete Talk for Writing booklet work from previous weeks. There is another booklet on the school website if you have already finished these.

Maths – Daily White Rose Lesson

Science – Circuit identification activity

Geography – Landmarks of the World activity

RE – St Joseph the worker task

  • Philip and the Ethiopian tasks

Art – Making art with everyday objects

Home Learning Tasks Weekly Check List Week 27.4.20

  • Daily Maths from White Rose
  • Daily English - Talk for writing booklet 1 or 2 – A part each day.
  • RE – Scripture reading – writing as a disciple task    – Read new topic knowledge organiser
  • Geography – States of the USA compass Task
  • Science – Create an electrical circuit.
  • Art – Make art out of the things around you


Welcome Back

Welcome to Pentecost term in Y4. This term will start at home. We will be adding learning tasks for you to complete at home every week so please keep looking on the home learning tabs. Please try to do as many as you can. Work can be printed off, completed and put in you home learning book or you can just answers questions or complete activies in your home learning book. 

Lots of children have been taking photos of their work and sharing it on SeeSaw or email. We love seeing the work you are doing so if you would want to please do.

As always we are still here for you. If you are struggling in anyway please email us or phone school and we will try our best to help.

This won't be forever, but while we are safest at home, we all must work together to do the best we can. We've added some extra guidance about how a day could look under the home learning information tab.

We miss you all. Take care and stay safe.


Mrs Kearney, Mrs Eley, Miss Chohan, Miss Burns and Mrs Gupta