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St Joseph's Catholic Voluntary Academy

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Daily Prayer Focus

During this period, resources have been made by Ten:Ten to help us pray at home. These include a daily prayer focus and a link to a Sunday liturgy for families too. The link for this is:


Daily prayer focuses are shared in the folder below.

You Were Like Me - 11-05-20

The daily prayers for this week help children to relate to God in a personal, fun and tangible way. The prayer allows children to think of God not as a distant figure in the sky, but as a personal God who came down to earth and walked and talked just like we do!


The prayers for each day are the same: a litany of 12 prayers and actions. Adults can encourage children to follow the actions by joining in themselves! The prayers naturally conclude with a more reflective tone, so please encourage children to close their eyes and reflect at the appropriate moment during the prayer time.

Daily Prayers Week beginning 30.30.20